Monday, March 16, 2009

Why I'm Here

My daughter's toast was written by her, with no help other than the suggestion, from my wife, to find words that best represented me, using the letters in my name.

SO, here it is, unedited, spelling unchanged. My wife bolded the letters so my daughter knew to accentuate the letter. She originally wrote a song, which she sang for me last night. It was short, sweet and impressive but the speech was amazing. She ad libbed a few extra lines and, at H, she stopped to take a bathroom break.

Again, she turned six in December:

My daddy is Super Silly.I love when he makes up crazy stories and when he dances like a girl. When I was little, daddy would dress up with me and put bows in his hair and wear my princess dress up wigs. Now me and Jacky love to roll on the floor and giggle with daddy. He lets us play rough house with him. We practice our Tai Kwon-do moves on him and daddy even lets Jacky fight him up and shoot webs at him. Daddy teaches us great magic tricks and some reall funny stuff mommy doesn't think we should know, like putting pretzels up our noses and gross farting tricks.

Daddy is a Terrific Tickler. Sometimes I say, "stop I hate it." And then I say "keep going - I lust love it." He knows all my most ticklish spots. Sometimes he makes me laugh so hard - I pee in my pants.

Excellent - my dad is excellent because he's the most awesome dad in the whole entire world. All my friends think he's awesome too. He makes everyone laugh. He's so fun to play with and he's so cool. I love spending time with my dad -boxing on the Wii, scooting around the city, reading with him , or just cuddling. He ROCKS!!!

I thought of a lot of P words that describe my dad like Popular, Playful, Powerful, Protective and Patient. But I liked Priceless the best. Dady's Priceless because even if you had 2 million dollars we wouldn't sell him to you. We wouldn't give him away because he's the Perfect dad, and we could never find another dad as good as him.

Handsome. When I was little I used to tell my daddy how hampsome he was. Now I know the right way to say it, and what it really means, and I think he's more Handsome than ever!

Everything. Daddy's Everything a dad should be. He loves us so much and we live for him.

The Nicest dad any kid could wish for.

Happy 40th Daddy.

so, yeah, the crap from the rest of my family is inconsequential when you get that from your daughter.

I did buy myself new headphones yesterday. I had been tinkering with replacing the shure ear buds and then, as I got into the elevator, the ones I had started going crackly and I figured, fuck it, my mother in law gave me $400, I gave my wife $100 of it, so, go to the store and pick up the new ones. The ones I was toying with getting are $550 from the manufacturer, $350 at the store so, done. I now have the shure noise reducing woofer and dual tweeter buds with the microphone so I can hear and talk without removing the buds.

they sound pretty fucking cool.


Laura said...

Very cute, and what a smart girl. I got a kick out "when I was little" So grown up for 6.

Certainly a speech to frame and cherish. Congratulations and enjoy the headphones, you obviously deserve them

foxy roxy said...

Beware. Smart little bits of sugar and spice sometimes grow into quite a handful.

my advice; start stocking up on tylenol now.

Otherwise, very cute. enjoy it.

Someone You Don't Know said...

That's a really impressive vocabulary for a 6yr old, not to mention how amazingly sweet the whole thing is.
You sound like the type of father every little girl wants.

Trying to imagine you in princess wigs.

Floogin McNoogin said...

I'm trying to imagine me in the princess wig. There are some funny pictures of us wearing her fake jewelry, pony tails etc. I'm more than happy doing whatever it is that the kids might desire but I did draw the line at "daddy, let's pretend you're the boyfriend. ask me out. let's go dancing and kiss."

Someone You Don't Know said...

I can understand the line being drawn there, that would not be sweet as much as it would be a bit creepy.

Having the chance to mess around and act like a complete idiot is one of the many blessings of having children.

Don't suppose there's any chance of these photos making it

foxy roxy said...

one token of comfort- once a daddy's girl, always a daddy's girl.

Floogin McNoogin said...

pictures of me dressing up for kids will probably not make it into a public arena. pictures of my kids are, actually, available, somewhere. I'm planning on putting some more shots of them up but I don't, normally, go for the "aren't my kids cute" route. I prefer the silly, embarrassing or just cool photos.

Someone You Don't Know said...

yeah i have seen the photos. They are incredibly cute kids though.
Your son looks like you.