Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jury Duty? For Me?

So I got tagged with a notice for jury duty. Actually, it's a subpoena for my failure to respond to the two previous notices. Well, now, it seems, I am ordered to appear, in person, between April 1st and April 10th or risk a $1,000 fine and possible imprisonment. That's right, I need to leave my office in the busiest week of the year and spend my day sitting on my ass waiting for them to tell me I am not going to work out.

Why won't I work out? Because I am not going to do what they want. I will be difficult. I will be disruptive. I will bring work with me. I will not sit on a fucking jury and listen as two scum bag lawyers verbally spar over some shit I could care less about.

The unemployment rate in New York City is 8.4% as of last month. Let the unemployed sit on jury duty. Let them earn their unemployment compensation. Instead of forcing employed people to sit on jury duty, risking my own income, putting my business in jeopardy, let someone who isn't working sit for me.

My wife, for instance. Let her sit and listen to the case and weigh in and cast judgement. I could give two shits about the judicial system. Right now I care about the mountain of work and the day lost sitting in the courthouse waiting for them to tell me to leave.

So, I am now risking a $1,000 fine and possible imprisonment. First I find out I'm posing a significant risk, now this.

I'm fucking dangerous.


Anonymous said...

Good grief...what a day you are having!
I got called for jury duty last year.
Lucky me, it got settled out of court.
They asked at the courthouse if they could call me when another case came up. I said, sorry but I have no phone.
Best way to get out of jury duty..
stay off the voting list.
Won't help you now though...

Someone You Don't Know said...

" First I find out I'm posing a significant risk, now this.

I'm fucking dangerous."

can't comment. It's too funny.

You're not having a brilliant day are you?

Someone You Don't Know said...

I didn't mean, by the way, that you not having a brilliant day, was too funny.
I meant that the way you put that sentence, was funny.

I really hate having to correct myself.

Floogin McNoogin said...

you have no idea.

on the bright side, all that's left is for me to be hit with a trumped up murder and conspiracy charge.

and I acted alone so I should be cool on the conspiracy charge.

Anonymous said...

Was going to make a smart ass conspiracy remark..thought better of it.
So are the streets missing another homeless guy?

Floogin McNoogin said...

I cannot confirm or deny that.

Trenton said...

Actually, I thought we were still discussing the Shit Conspiracy that's going on in the bathroom at your work??

Unless this is some sort of "false-flag" op going on to cover up the REAL reason behind the bathroom debacle???

Trent :P :D