Monday, March 09, 2009

An Ode To Nothing

I'm so fucking bored and alone here that I'm almost looking forward to the cleaning crew. Almost.

I took a short break before, went down to stock up on the drinks for the night and I wandered the street a bit. The area where I work is a bit odd. Lots of businesses, lots of tourists and I'm right near a major train station so there's tons of day traveller traffic to boot. It's actually a bit scary. Post 9/11 it would be referred to as a target. Major department store, major landmark building, major transportation hub, music and sporting arena, some new buildings in the area and the main post office are all a couple of blocks away. Times Square is also a short walk away.

Crowded at all times. Lots of people, makes for good people watching.

And I do love to people watch. I'm in an area that is known for having fashion businesses as well as everything else I've mentioned. Lots of showrooms and, as a result, lots of women. Models are in abundances, the random celebrity coming or going from fittings etc. Kinda cool. Nicole Kidman and that drunken cowboy musician husband were seen at the deli across the street a couple of weeks ago. Cool stuff indeed.

I, however, am more mystified by the asian girls. I've always had a thing for asian girls and redheads. Truth is, I like women of all types. I find all women to be very appealing in one way or another. This doesn't mean I get my McNoogin in a fit at the sight of all women and it certainly doesn't meant I want to shag every woman I meet (I do but it doesn't meant that).

It just means I find women to be sexy and attractive. Each in their own way.

But redheads and asians, well, different league.

Especially the asian girls. The ones who dress so funky you think you might have walked onto a movie set. I was walking around earlier and I saw a small group of girls heading up the street and they just looked hot. They were wearing some of the most ridiculous stuff but they were strutting up the street, not a care in the world and man that oddball circus shit looked sexy as hell on them.

Mismatched knee high socks, crazy tight dresses , strange hats. At first glance, I thought, maybe, I was having an acid flashback. Then I saw that their faces and I was smitten.

I was walking behind them, just close enough to admire their look and I could've followed them for miles if not for the whole pepper spray and cop intervention but that's another story.

For now, I'm gonna download some harajuku girls and get all Mr. Roboto on my self.


foxy roxy said...

you're a weird motherfucker.

but it's cool.

nice not to be alone in that world.

Floogin McNoogin said...

um, thanks, I guess. I am weird. I am, at times, a motherfucker although I have only fucked one mother and, I must say, not much different from those without children.

Maybe it's me.

foxy roxy said...

huh. that's strange.

i've fucked a couple fathers, and they're usually better. experienced, competent.

besides, who isn't weird?

Laura said...

Shit probably passed you in the street last time I was there and didn't even know it.

Floogin McNoogin said...

You fucked a priest?

Laura said...

PS. I hope you didn't shock the cleaning crew too much with the robotic action. But maybe that was the plan...or they are Asian