Saturday, March 07, 2009


I forgot how lonely and boring life can be. I've been working since 7 this morning. Just me. Nobody else is here. The only sounds I hear are the printer spitting out paper in the other room, the music from my pc (currently The Love Speaks) and the tap tap tap of my fingers punching out this posting.

So boring. Nobody calls on Saturdays. That's why I'm here. To get work done. Very few distractions and, while the work does keep me busy, it does get lonely.

No wonder I used to run down and have a smoke every time I finished another file. Interaction with the outside world is needed I guess.

Perhaps I'll go down and enjoy the warm weather for a few minutes.


foxy roxy said...

don't feel too bad. you've just described my every day, weekends and holidays; utter solitude in my second floor office, wrestling with characters that don't want to do as their told.

the only upside on my behalf is i get to work in my pajamas (some large sevendust tee someone left at my house) and flip-flops for slippers.

Floogin McNoogin said...

I think I might like working in a tee shirt. Not sure what sevendust is but I'm old and out of touch with everything, other than myself.

foxy roxy said...

sevendust, a band i don't listen to, nor care to. the shirt was perfect for a night shirt, so i use it.

and forty isn't old- look at sean connery. How old is he? christ, he's old enough to be my grandfather, and if he wandered into my bedroom, i wouldn't kick him out. how bad is that?

Floogin McNoogin said...

First off, you kick Connery and you might break him. Even so, he is Sean Connery, I'd fuck him.

foxy roxy said...

well, if kicking him would break him, fucking him may destroy him.

now, i must say, i'm having serious misgivings that you have a mini mcnoogin.
jane paulie, is that you?

Floogin McNoogin said...

Jane Paulie? Scott has a thing for old, has been morning show hosts?

Mini McNoogin? Sheesh, outing the little guy on a semi-public blog. So humiliating.
It's so small that small is, actually, a compliment.

foxy roxy said...

i'm sorry you have a little member. talk about throwing fantasy out the window, as i have a pretty good imagination.

otherwise, i don't know how to prove that roxy (3rd person george costanza speak)isn't a scott.
sir scott is somewhere in midwest, roxy is sitting back in pajamas, enjoying something mcnoogin hasn't had in months.

Floogin McNoogin said...

ok, the easy sex jokes have all been typed and deleted.

funny how little the smokes appeal to me these days.

Sorry to have shattered the fantasy but, you should know, it is not the size but the ability that matters and I have neither so I'm a failure all around.

foxy roxy said...

ah, but you're referencing reality world.
in fantasyland (like disney with thinner, attractive people, and the rides involve flesh and prophalactics) you could be endowed, capable, adventurous.

imagine the possibilities.

besides, how did you know i wasn't talking about carbs? maybe a cheesecake with crust?

Floogin McNoogin said...

ok, so now I have this image of me, getting it on with Minnie Mouse and Ariel in a vat of crustless cheesecake.

Might need a moment to myself.

Laura said...

So I will leave you two alone and not bother to comment...or click the ads...I dont expect this to be posted..since you skipped the last one.

Note is always the younger

Floogin McNoogin said...

I skipped the last one for personal reasons. You can always do as you please but, it should be noted, Scott and are just having some laughs. Neither of us really wants to fuck Sean Connery.

Ok, fine, she doesn't.

Laura said...

As was I Mcnoogin..guess I have lost the knack.

And I wouldn't fuck Connery since he seems to like to beat his women, other than that I would..looks good for an old guy.

And Roxy.. I agree about the fantasy, why ruin them.

foxy roxy said...

au contraire, mcnoogin. i believe this fox could teach that old dog new tricks.
But, being as i'm 30, i believe i'd be too old, as hollywood men like their famales nearing jailbait. (was that billy joel who just got engaged to a zygote? or was that rod stewart?).

as for the disney images, thanks a lot. I'll never be able to view minnie again without wondering how the white spots on her dress got there.

Floogin McNoogin said...

one of the great things about this "old dog" is that I am always willing to learn new tricks.

even better, I've never been one to focus on the young'uns. Truth is, when I was in school, I used to wonder why girls my age were dating guys in the work force. I often wondered how they could even related. Sure, the body is a carnival of pleasures and I could have extended sessions of thrill seeking on all the plunging curves and dark alleys that amusement park has to offer but, at some point, a conversation will be inevitable. I'd hate to spend days on end sharing some insane passion, only to learn I can't stand talking to someone.

Wait. I can't stand talking to people I don't fuck.

Minnie Lewinski can hold my stogie any day but, no, she cannot keep the stains.

Laura said...

I am starting to get minute it is Minnie and the next it is Sean Connery. No wonder the little mcnoogin (not your son) is missing.

I don't know about foxy at her young age but at 50 I know just what I want....just have to find it.

Floogin McNoogin said...

the little mcnoogin is missing.

I like that. Perhaps I should call in a search party. I can prep them with badges and booze and then unlease them in my pants.

foxy roxy said...

now i'm confused. laughing, but lost

i need more caffeine, because for a minute i could've sworn you'd said you were going to unleash drunken badgers in your pants.

Floogin McNoogin said...

drunken badgers in my pants....hold on, that's hot. might need another moment alone.

incidentally, you need to check the not scott side of things from time to time. might find something waiting for you

Laura said...

Badgers sound painful. But hey you want to fuck Connery, whatever floats your boat.

And click........ return the favor please.