Thursday, March 19, 2009

Adventureland and Other Adventures

Saw the press screening for Adventureland last night. Great movie. Funny as hell, an amazing soundtrack and definitely worth seeing when it comes out.

I've noticed my followers all went dark, except for Trent. Thanks Trent, for not being afraid to show yourself. Brave soul? Not worried you'll be found following a social deviant? Either way, again, thanks for following me.

Which leads me to....

Click my motherfucking links people. After 2 years of adsense, over 2 blogs, I am closing in on the minimum balance for payment. I need the money people. Economic crisis? Recession? Depression? Hello? You watch the news, you read the paper, you know how hard it is. Clicking the link doesn't take much work. If you get injured, I promise to kiss and make it better, except for Trent. I'll send you some out of court settlement. A share of the income you generated. I'll round it up. One full cent.


Anonymous said...

ok..ok...clicking ads now.

Laura said...

Clicked til it hurt.

Can I take my teens to this movie..

(you can delete this part or all.. I think it is the BB..can't post?? with it)

Trenton said...


Okay, lets be honest. My reason for coming here daily is because I love the humor. It makes my day to read of the shit that happens to everyone else. As far as Adsense goes, I didn't know that they were still doing that thing... Guess I missed the memo that they weren't closing shop.

But anyway, I'll click em, just for you. And keep the penny.
I'm sure that you can use it more than me, with the wife being without work.. HAHA!!


Floogin McNoogin said...

I'm less than three bucks away from that first C note. This is so exciting.

Thank you all for pushing my buttons.

Not you Trent. You are hear to laugh at my pain so, no thanks for you.

My pain is thanks enough.

Trenton said...

Seems to be what I excel at. Which is strange, seeing as how I'm such a nice guy to be around. I must be as crazy as everyone says that I am after all!!

Anyone got a padded straight jacket? I think I'm gonna need one here soon!!

Trent :-)

Floogin McNoogin said...

Want the padded room to go with the jacket?