Monday, January 19, 2009

A Short One About The Short One

I took my kids to see may parents over the weekend. They'd been cooped up for days, sick with Strep so I figured a day or two out east would be nice. The bay is frozen, it snowed most of the time we were there and they stayed indoors for two days (except the trip to see the seals) but it was a change of scenery and it gave them a chance to see the frozen tundra of the east end of long island.

Anyway, Saturday night, we're having dinner and my son is cracking us all up. He's on a roll and he knows it. He has this ability to make everyone laugh and push all the right buttons, knowing just the right time to stop. So, he's going on about god knows what and my daughter, who's sitting next to him, is in hysterics. Suddenly, as she lets out a loud, hearty laugh, she releases a rather large, rather loud fart, amplified by the position she has taken on the large, wood dining room chair.

My son, without missing a beat, turns to her and says "that's enough apples for you"

and goes right back to his story.

my father almost had a heart attack from laughing so hard.

My wife was stunned, my mother was cracking up. Me? I had heard it once before so I just sat back, smiling, knowing that one day, soon probably, I was going to be meeting with teachers, trying to convince them my son isn't the trouble maker they make him out to be.

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