Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Smoking Observation

A double dose from me. Yay.

So, today is day 13 without a smoke. Not bad. Truth is, it has, so far, been somewhat easy. Too fucking cold to smoke. Seriously. So, I have not been tempted to inhale frozen air and smoke whilst my fingers ice over. No sir, not for me. The hands are warm and cozy stuffed into my pockets.

This cold sticks around and I should have no problem coasting thru January sans smoke.

And after almost two weeks, here's what's gone down.

My taste is back. Not in clothes. I'll always dress like a schmuck. No, the taste in my mouth. I can actually taste foods again. I know this because I had to order food from the diner last night and it tasted fucking amazing. Ok, perhaps it tasted great because it was a warm meal cooked just for me. So what if it was cooked for me by a fat sweaty man in a diner. If I close my eyes it could be Mrs. McNoogin. She has really let herself go since she got laid off last week. She looks like some greasy spoon chef, minus the food stains on her shirt of course. That only comes when you cook.

Another thing I noticed - my lungs are starting to clear themselves out. Gross? Yes. Still, it is happening. Climbed a shitload of steps coming out of the subway yesterday and I wasn't the slightest bit winded. That's comforting. Makes me feel like it is working.

Lastly, smells are back. For better or worse, I can smell everything again. I'm like a werewolf now. Riding on the subway yesterday, I sensed Chanelle #5 to my right, some sweaty pakistani man to my left, some cheap j lo perfume in front of me and what's that? is it? yup, curry sweats from an indian man behind me. I was identifiying the stink before the person came into view. It was impressive and horrific. I knew some dude at the end of the car stepped in two day old poodle shit and I knew that the baby on the platform had rice and peaches for breakfast as there was a nice rice and peach turd squishing around his diaper.

This is great. I can smell the secretary and she is a good 50 feet away, in another room. I can smell the take out shit the guy down the hall is eating and I can smell the sharp stench of piss mixed with urinal cake from the bathroom down the hall.

If I had known the world smelled like shit I never would have quit.

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