Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mmmm Shit Sandwich, My Favorite

So the holiday season is over, life returns to normal. The kids go back to school, I gear up for the upcoming busy work schedule, the wife starts nagging about my birthday, her birthday, the spring trip, a late winter visit to her mother, a new car and anything else that she can think of that might be worth spending money on.

So, as the holiday spending spree is being tallied up by the various creidt card companies, let's focus on the upcoming trip to Disney and the inevitable request to visit her mother.

Yes, I'm going to Disney. The trip that was postponed thanks to Junior being sick was moved to presidents' week. Fitting time. Over crowded and just starting to get hot and rainy. A recipe for disaster for sure.

So, the trip is booked, the flights booked. Reservations for any and all meals were made. We are all set to go but...perhaps....maybe...well...we should at least think about.....visiting her mother for a few days before we head to Disney.

It would get the visit out of the way, keep the cost down by not forcing a second set of flights on my fragile wallet. Sure, great, and the psychiatric bills will quadruple thanks to the added time in the so called sunshine state.

Of course, all of this changed about 3 hours ago.

I highly doubt if there will be a single nagging request to go visit her mother. I doubt if there will be any nagging about me spending money on anything for a little while at the very least.

My wife got laid!!!!!!!!

off that is.

That's right, the company she worked for for 9 years, the company that screwed her out of back pay owed as a result of her working full time after taking a pay cut to work 4 days a week has let her go. They gave her ten weeks salary. At that point the pay becomes unemployment and the benefits are gone. So, right around the time I am celebrating my 40th year on this orb, I will be spending my well earned birthday present for myself on fucking medical insurance so my family is covered.

This unemployment thing is going to cost me a fortune. Forget the whole lack of income from the wife. I now need to get medical insurance which is very expensive for small companies such as mine. I need to put restructure my business and the tax handling to accomodate the salary and medical benefits for employees. I will, in about ten weeks, know if she is going to find a job or stay home with the kids. If she picks the latter, she is going to lose the nanny. This should result in some serious fights and other such fun stuff.

Yeah, stellar fucking day.

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