Friday, May 21, 2010

One of life's mysteries.

I don't understand why women dress the way they do.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate it but, still, it makes no sense.  It's in the 80's outside and the clothes are loose and the skin is showing.  It's a site that can rival the most majestic landscape.  Yet, for some reason, we aren't supposed to look. 

What's the point in showing off your legs, ass or cleavage if you don't want anyone to look?

On my way to work this morning I was walking behind a very attractive woman in a short skirt that was a bit too billowy for the wearer.  She was wearing a white thong underneath.  I know this because the skirt blew up a couple of times, exposing an incredible ass and the aforementioned thong.  She seemed upset about it.  Rightfully so but, if you knew there was a risk of the skirt blowing up, why wear it and, more important, why wear a thong when the odds of your ass being flashed across Park Avenue were so high?

On my way to lunch I watched a woman try and carry her bag and three shopping bags whilst trying to keep her dress from blowing open, exposing way more than just her legs.

If it's such a hassle, why wear it?  Seriously.  I know you want to look good, and you do, but if the price you pay is flashing some undies or, worse, a bit of the pink, why bother?

Same goes with the women who wear shirts that lift their boobs up to epic proportions and then get pissed when you're staring at them.  If you don't want me to stare at your tits, don't expose them.  Plain and simple.

I was standing on the street, enjoying the sun, a smoke and the view, when a woman walked by with a way too tight shirt and huge boobs crammed into a crazy small bra.  The result was a sea of cleavage the was rippling as she walked.  Someone else who was standing near me made a comment and she went ballistic.  I'm sure he said something nice, like "nice cans" or "check out the tits" but, apparently, the compliment went unnoticed.  Instead of thanking the gentleman for doing what she wanted, noticing her, she went nuts.  She started screaming at him.  Her breast ocean went into full jiggle mode.  Mini tsunamis rolled across her ample bosom.  The guy was cracking up.  This only helped spur her on.  The more he laughed, the more she jiggled.  The more she jiggled, the more he laughed.  Finally, he stopped laughing and told her if she kept shaking like that he was going to slip a twenty in her cleavage.

The woman looked like she was going to attack him.  He then, calmly, told the woman that, when you dress like a stripper, you cannot be upset when people stare.

She walked away in a huff.  As she did, the wind gusted and her bare ass was exposed.  It was phenomenal.

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Trenton said...

That's the only saving grace of warm weather that I can think of. I prefer the cooler weather generally, but I've been known to make an exception once or twice...

Trent :-)