Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Lost My Ads

As is obvious, the evil ball sucking scumbags at google have, yet again, disabled my adsense account. Why? No reason. They just did. No email explaining that they are a group of shitheads sitting in a room sucking each other off. No email explaining that, in the last few days, I received nary a click. No email at all. Just blank fucking boxes where ads should go. When I went into adsense to check out the reason for this, I found nothing.

So, here's the letter I should have received from google. This is what I imagine is sitting in my inbox.

Dear Mr. McNoogin,

We are writing this letter to inform you that we have disabled your adsense account. Again. We are doing this because we are a bunch of prepubescent scum lovers with nothing better to do than sit around disabling adsense on blogs that would only earn us money, not you. That's right, your shitty assed traffic is so small, so pathetic that we would never have to pay you one cum covered bloody nickle which, by the way, we keep lodged in our employees asses.

Please don't sign up for another account as we plan on disabling that one too. Along with any other accounts you might attempt to have. In the meantime, we will continue to sit around our offices, taking 4 hour lunches, sitting on the opposite end of the cafeteria from the 4 women who work here. We will all wear our atari shirts on the same day, pretend it isn't gay when when jerk off to porn together and we will continue to pretend that we're fantasizing about bikini clad Princess Leia when we masturbate, all the while, knowing that it's Luke and Chewy that make our cocks hard.


The cocksucking team at Google.
(yes, we swallow)


Anonymous said...

forget those soulless fucks. to hell with them. your blog rocks regardless

Floogin McNoogin said...

thanks anon. Appreciate it. Still, I can hate google, no? I mean, they are, after all, eeeevil.