Friday, May 14, 2010

One More Reason To Hate Obama

My garage managed to bang up my car, yet again.  So, after trying to get the garage to deal with the damage, I decided it was a waste of my time and I took it to get fixed myself.  This happens from time to time, they fuck up my car and ignore the claim and any subsequent attempts to discuss the claim.  I take it to BMW because it's far more expensive than taking it somewhere else and then I stop paying the monthly parking fee until I have recouped my cost for the repairs.  Anyway, I picked up the car yesterday and started driving across town to put the car in the garage.  I left work early so I could drop the car off and then pick up my suits, which I had bought a week or so ago and needed some tailoring.  I figured, leave before 5, avoid the cross town traffic, get it all done and be home in time to sit down for dinner with my kids.

One problem.  Obama was in town.  Fucking traffic nightmare.

Everything went smoothly at first.  Hell, I even had time to walk the mile and a half to BMW, rather than take a cab or subway.  It was a nice day, sun was shining and all was going as planned.  I was heading east on 56th street and, as I passed 8th Avenue, the cars stopped moving.  I crept along for two blocks and then saw the reason for my delay.  Fire.  Nice one, too.  I managed to get around it, the cars were moving nicely for all of 4 minutes and then my plan went south.  Big time.  Every Avenue was closed to traffic from 6th Avenue on.  Why?  Obama was driving through the area and, it seems, they need to totally fuck up the traffic in all directions for 20 blocks.  The pedestrian traffic was insane.  Who the fuck stands around for hours waiting for a caravan of limos and SUVS?  Who wants to watch cars drive by?  Don't people have lives?  Is this the highlight of their day?  Do they stand there until the cars drive by and then brag to their friends that they say Obama's limo?  Is that some kind of major milestone?

Total fucking losers.

My car crept slowly along the street.  The cops that were tasked with misdirecting traffic (they always seem to make things worse) were letting one car thru the intersection every ten minutes. 

I was two blocks from my garage when they stopped all traffic.

Here he comes.  Woohoo, he's waving.  Morons are waving back.

I'm an hour behind schedule now. 

Obama has fucked up the country.  He's done nothing right and now, to top it all off, he's ruined my fucking evening.

Thanks O.

I finally get through the shit and park my car.  I chat for a moment with the garage manager.  He's a great guy, real nice.  He's the only one who takes good care of the cars.  He also understands the horrific claims department and he was the one who told me to get my car fixed and stop paying the monthly bill.  He knows how they operate, he knows how to work the system. 

Now I need to walk back towards 5th Avenue and 52nd Street.  Right back into the Obama Hell.

By now, of course, he's gone.  That means the streets should be moving again, the pedestrians should be racing home to write about how they saw a car with the President in it.  They will show their kids the cell phone pictures of a hand sticking out of the window.  They will brag to their families that the hand in the picture is the President of the United States' hand and that is really cool.  Their kids will look up from their video games, shrug and tell their parent, "whatever, I'm about to beat the boss on this level, move away from the tv."

So, I meander through the dispersing crowd and I get to 5th Avenue and it looks like there's a fucking concert or something going on.  The crowd has grown.  They're holding signs.  They're chanting.

I see the signs.  They say things like "Fire Obama" and "Obama Lies" and other such shit.

They're chanting some crap about Obama being a bad president, screwing up the economy, ignoring the issues etc.

I pick up my suits and head back home, going completely out of the way to avoid the protesters.

I had planned on getting home by 6.  I walked in the door, sweaty, exhausted and annoyed, around 7:45.

All I kept thinking was, this president continues to show that he can be worse.  He manages to set the bar lower with each move he makes.

Two weeks after we have an attempted terror attack in the heart of the city, he cuts our anti-terror funding by 50 million dollars. 


Then he comes here, ties up traffic, uses our police force, the very folks he's cutting funding from, as part of his security detail.

Double Moron.

We hate you as it is and you manage to make us hate you more.  Then, to add insult to injury, you tie up our traffic for your own safety.

What about my safety?  What about the safety of my family? 

Fuck you, Mr. President.  Next time you come here, bring your own god damned security.  We need ours to protect our residents and, it seems, the 50 million you cut from our funding was earmarked for protecting visiting politicians. 


On a side note, I found $20 in my cab this morning.  Must be part of Obama's plan to give back to the common folk.


Trenton said...

Now ya know why my dad coined the name Obummer. True, it's a slam on his name, but telling him to fuck off doesn't have as much of a ring to it, ya know?

Between this and his lack of a backbone in dealing with REAL issues, like a major oil leak, I'm wondering if he's even trying to run for another term. He'll not make it regardless, but I thought that was the point of becoming President was to try for that second term...?!?!?!

Trent :-)

Floogin McNoogin said...

Some time ago I coined the phrase Obamination.

It seems more fitting with each passing day.