Friday, May 08, 2009

Cheer The Fuck Up! Or Don't.

What the hell is it lately? It has pretty much rained some Noah type rains for about a week. Sun is finally out but the forecast is for thunderstorms later today and tonight. All this shitty weather has managed to cast a pall over the city. Everyone's in a shitty mood. Hell, it seems like it might be a global thing.

Over the last 3 days I've heard nothing but misery. Divorce, separation, misery.

That's all I'm hearing.

Isn't the spring supposed to bring out life? Isn't this the time where people are happy again? Weddings. Proms. Graduation. Fishing starts up again. Beaches open, pools open. Parks are filled with kids.

And, yet, everyone's pissed off, depressed or just unhappy.

Can't be the economy, can it? Has the global economic downturn evolved into a globlal mental downturn? Is our collective psyche in synch with the economy?

Can the job instability, the shrinking income, the increasing cost of living all be adding up to equal personal misery?

Sure as shit seems that way.

Is there anything we can do? Besides the usual Floogin method of "fuck it," I'm not sure what else can be done. Ride it out, hope it ends without too many casualties and move on.

So, cheer up, it's not all gloom and doom. Someone, somewhere, is making money in this shitty economy. Someone, somewhere just got a blow job. Someone, somewhere is happy.


Laura said...

Just went out for breakfast, the sun is shining, having a Starbucks, it is Friday, going to Boston tonight to see Eric Hutchinson, and the hubby has a hangover. All is ok with the the suburbs.

foxy roxy said...

In consideration of the last paragraph, maybe it's time to pass a new law.
Legalized prostitution.

Money, mouth service, happiness.

Stimulating the cock could stimulate the economy, and both parties can walk away happy.

Anonymous said...

Foxy, if having sex would stimulate both parties, and boost the economy..then Fuck Me ..I'm goin' shopping!!!!

Floogin McNoogin said...

I think Foxy was offering to blow me Anon so, please, back off. Unless you're a woman, then, feel free to help stimulate my economy with her. There's plenty of Floogin's TARP to go around

Anonymous said...

Sorry enjoy your blow job.
I'll go enjoy my own threesome.
Might not boost the economy, but it'll boost my ego to no end.