Thursday, April 01, 2010

Flying Solo

The wife and kids left yesterday. Ten days in Florida. The kids are out of school and I'm not around much these days, so it makes sense for them to flee to warmer climes.

I got home around 10:45 last night. Empty apartment. It was freakishly clean and quiet. The lack of clothes, suitcases missing, made it feel like I'd been abandoned.

So I celebrated.

I dropped my shit off and went to the restaurant down the block. I brought my nook so it would appear as if I was not some loser sitting alone, drinking alone.

After the second, maybe the third drink, I met them. Twins. They were sweet as could be. Friendly, great listeners, great sense of humor. We had a few drinks and then I did something I never thought I'd do. I brought them back to my apartment. I tried sneaking them past the doorman but he saw us so I drunkenly explained that they are cousins or some such slurring bullshit. He looked at me like I was insane.

I don't recall much but I do know that they live near me so I had to explain that I am married and a father and this was a temporary thing. I explained to them that, upon my family's return, we shall go our separate ways. They agreed. They understood completely.

And then, after another drink in my apartment, I had sex in my bed. I never thought I'd do this without the wife being there but it happened and it was incredible. I'm not going into details but we were up until the wee hours of the morning, doing it every which way possible.

Woke up after 7 this morning. about 2 hours later than normal so I had to wake them up and they joined me in the shower for one last romp before heading off to work.

I'm hoping I'll see them again tonight. I'm supposed to have dinner with some of my college friends and, obviously, I can't let them know what's going on so, if they're still willing after a night out with the boys, I'm hoping they'll come back tonight.

Before you ask, yes, I do feel a little guilty about it all but my wife is out of town and I need this to relieve the stress and tension of all this work.


DeannaS said...

Hopefully they were identical twins! Those are the best!

Floogin McNoogin said...

Not identical, no. They look alike but, in reality, they look more like mirror images of eachother until you scrutinize them a bit more. Then you can spot differences. A scar on this one, a slightly different form on that one and so on.

The Twins said...

Dear Floogin McNoogin. Thanks for the good time last night. Luckily we could take a nap today since we were rather tired and sore after a night of romping with you. The morning shower was a nice touch. You could have least provided us with a nice breakfast in bed, but I suppose the bed was a tad too messy to eat there. Sorry you were late for work. It was just so hard to let you go. I hope you remembered to put your boxers on the proper way since we know you were a bit distracted. Yes, hopefully we will meet up again before the wifey returns. We have a few more things to try and we still want that breakfast in bed. Oh btw, one of us accidently left a thong somewhere in your room. Might want to find that before the wifey comes back.

Oh and dont worry about the doorman. We tipped him, um, well, we tipped him rather well. Our secret is safe with him!

TaTa for now. Loves and Kisses. Until next time.........The Twins

Floogin McNoogin said...

You aren't the twins. Want to know how I know? The twins don't wear thongs. Or Panties.

Anonymous said...

Amazing nobody noticed the date of this entry