Tuesday, April 13, 2010

City of Dead

I'm sitting high atop the city. In the distance, the blue black sea stretches out across the horizon. A ball of tie dyed colors stretches up from the water, reds, oranges and yellows bleeding out from a fiery white center.

It's a gorgeous view.

Of course, I'm not looking at it. I'm looking down. 20 floors down. At the concrete below.

The dead are walking the earth. They don't see out human flesh. They aren't after brains. They shuffle along, feet dragging, as they move about the city. They mumble and moan, their stare, glassy and lifeless. They might say something to you. They might not. Their arms leaden and limp at their sides. Their legs feel like 500 pound sacks of grain. Moving them, walking, is a chore. Their eyelids droop, their black, dilated pupils, stare down at the pavement as they slowly wend their way through the crowded, shuffling throngs of people.

If you bump into the walking dead, their body will absorb the hit, turning them, spinning them but that's about it. They won't turn on you, shredding your skin, tearing your limbs off. If anything, they might utter a muffled complaint. They have no energy. They are dead.

I know this because I have become one of the walking dead. Movement is a chore. Rational thinking no longer exists. This is why I sit and stare at the pavement instead of the gorgeous day dawning on a dead city.

This is why I contemplate the wind in my hair, the feeling of flying, the feeling of life as I plummet.....



Someone You Don't Know said...

don't know what to say but maybe a hug is in order.

Floogin McNoogin said...

A hug would be nice. Flowers too. Sadly, the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel is coming from a fucking truck.

Trenton said...

I'd give ya a hug if ya were of the female persuasion, but seeing as how you aren't, I'll just stick to offering a hand shake and a bit of thought.

There's never a day that goes by that I don't, for a moment, think about how bad things seem. The only thing that keeps me going on is the realization of just how damned great I've got it, in comparison to others that have far less than I.

You, sir, have far more than I. Look at it this way, you've got a wife and children that love the heck out of you, and friends that care as well, even though we don't make it a habit to tell ya. You're almost like family to me man, and it sucks to see family in a bind, no matter what it may be.

I guess my point here is this; consider yourself lucky that you have so much to live for. Look forward to seeing your wife and children at the end of the day, and enjoy every moment with them, as the moments you have now won't wait for you to enjoy them.

Okay, enough of that reassurance stuff... Have any more hot women have a "wardrobe malfunction" in your office? And when are ya gonna install a "security camera" on your desk for such "breaches of security"?

Trent :-)