Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Left Thumb

Tomorrow is surgery day.  The first of two.  After about 3 weeks, I'll need to have a second operation to remove a screw that will be inserted to hold the thumb in place.  This means my vacation in Montauk is in jeopardy and I won't be able to get a waterproof cast for the first 3 weeks after the surgery.

This sucks but not as much as not being able to use my left hand in the manner I'm accustomed to.

I write with my right hand but I do almost everything else with my left so everything is going to be a chore.  From eating to buttoning my pants, I'm going to be a complete disaster.  On the bright side, I'll have a valid excuse for any piss stains on my pants.  Masturbation, while rare as hell of late, is now a no go.  I can't use my right for that.  That'd be cheating.  It would feel so immoral.  So wrong.

Driving the Porsche is out. Can't hold the wheel while I shift.

It's a fucking disaster.  A disaster I will detail here, provided I can fucking type.

1 comment:

Trenton said...

Looks to be an interesting few weeks. Consider me sympathetic.

Look on the bright side though! There will probably be some great stories that come from this!! :D

Trent :-)