Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trouble on the horizon

ok, not serious trouble but an issue that needs to be dealt with, and fast.

My beloved Zen is almost at capacity. That's right. 32 GB of music and I've got 1.7 GB left. I'm screwed. It's going to take me a lifetime to sift thru the music and delete songs. Napster would be an easy way to do this if it actually read the Zen. Sure, the songs transfer perfectly but the whole concept of using napster to organize the songs? Not happening.

So I use the Zen organizer software and it sucks. I can't simply list all the songs. I can only go by the folders, opening them individually, deleting the songs and moving forward. Very time consuming.

And the truth is, I like my songs. I'd rather get an mp3 player that holds more music. I could snag a 16 gb memory card but I can't figure out how to transfer songs to the card so I'm kinda fucked anyway.

I have my old Vision:M (60GB). It was an incredible player but it's big and clunky and the zen is small and sounds better. The thing is like a credit card. It's stellar in every way. Creative makes the best players around. Apple has said as much by settling the patent infringement lawsuits for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Alas, the 32 GB zen is the most space around and it isn't enough.

So, I'm contemplating my options, trying to figure out what to do and I'm open for suggestions.

Anyone who can think of a small player with huge storage capacity, please let me know and, for the record, apple products suck so don't bother mentioning them.


Trenton said...

Tried a Zune yet? I personally LOVE Creative, and all that they make. However, Microshit makes a good player too, which was surprising to me. I bought one for my mom, and they work like a charm. They work with the Media Player that you already have, and they are extremely simple to use. Plus, and here's the kicker, they're recognized by every non-iTunes service.

Something to consider man.

Trent :-)

Floogin McNoogin said...

I actually like the zune but it's big. my Zen is credit card sized. They can make them that size with large storage, they just don't do it. Fucking frustrating.