Monday, June 15, 2009

CNN Stole My Shit

OK, did but, still, the shitty gift thing is all me. I own it. I've been writing about it since March when I got shit for my birthday and now these cocksuckers at think they can lift my pathetic life and turn it into a feel good article for women to read? Feel good as in "doesn't it feel good to get your husband shit when he gets you whatever you want, whether there's a holiday or not."

For those of you that actually read this shit, you can see how some joker tamed my shtick and reworked it to meet a deadline here:

Go on, read it. You'll be thinking "holy shit, this guy is some lame ass floogin."

And how fucking pathetic is that? A lame version of me? That's pretty lame. That's like getting hit by a bus and being rescued by paramedics, only to have the ambulance get into an accident on the way to the hospital.

Pretty fucking sad.

Feel free to comment over there and tell them that they're lifting my material.


foxy roxy said...

Wait a minute. Hold the phone.

There are men out there that'll get me whatever I want?

Holy shit. I gotta get out more, cause I need one them. No, check that, I deserve one of them.

Floogin McNoogin said...

everyone deserves one of them.

foxy roxy said...

Sugar daddies for everyone!

Nah, we should get what we give, which is why I deserve everything.

In a perfect world.