Friday, February 13, 2009

Adsense - Not Again

So, one of my readers alerted me to an ad that consisted of "barbie type dolls" talking about nude pics or something. I've never seen this ad. Whenever I look at my blog I see crap about the shit I posted. There's no nude pics (there might be now that I've mentioned nude pics repeatedly - does porn pay more?) that I know of and there are no ads of this nature that I am aware of. I wish there were, I'd love to have my blog plastered with them. Then I might get some traffic, my adsense revenue might increase and I might actually get paid. As it stands, adsense owes me $25 for over a year's worth of blog ads. They don't pay interest and they don't give you your money until you get over a certain amount in the account. I think it might be a c note. Not sure.

Since we're talking advertising and I'm a total whore, I will now mention that I haven't smoked in 44 days. I'm the Reggie Jackson of no smoking. No cigarettes mesothelioma. What is mesothelioma you ask? Well, I'd tell you what mesothelioma means but then you wouldn't google mesothelioma using the google gadget to the right or the bottom of the blog. If you do google for mesothelioma you will learn what mesothelioma means and you might learn that lawyers pay large sums of money for mesothelioma ads on the internet. Well, they used to. Not sure if they still do but I guess we'll find out if mesothelioma ads still pay top dollar.

If you see an ad for a law firm, click it, let's see what they pay and I will donate the proceeds to charity - mesothelioma charity of course.

One last thought. Every time I mention Disney, someone snickers and makes reference to turkey legs. I thought this was a comment about the skinny legged fat people that are, apparently, in abundance there. Nope. My brother in law (the cool one) was kind enough to explain it to me (the loser talked about how awesome they are).

It seems they sell some kind of brontosaurus burger sized turkey leg and all the fatties, and quite a few skinnies, walk around gnawing on these things. My brother in law says they look more like ostrich legs. I asked about the fat people in carts and he said that a large portion of the crowd is riding around in them. Their disability? They're fat and lazy and eating a giant freakshow sized turkey leg is easier when you are driving to the next meal.

We've got a bet. He says the over/under for fat people in carts eating giant turkey legs is 13 (he confirmed this by sending several friends an email and they all concurred). So, we've placed a bet on the fat cart riding turkey leg eating total. I said it would be under 13 for the week.

I'll let you know how it goes. If you want to throw your own guess into the mix, feel free. No money shall be bet on my blog so there's nothing to win, except, perhaps a pat on the back and a good job from me.

In case this last thing brings up fat disney turkey ads, let me remind you to click the mesothelioma ads so I can bring in enough money to donate to the mesothelioma charities.


Laura said...

And just to the right at the end of this blog is the of which your reader speaks.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the not smoking.
I snicker when you mention Disney, but for other reasons.

Floogin McNoogin said...

feel free to share this disney story.

Anonymous said...

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