Friday, March 19, 2010

Poor Sandra Bullock

I'm not such a huge fan of hers but, after seeing her accept her Oscar, displaying such raw emotion over winning and then, being almost incapable of speaking when gesturing towards her husband, you really have to feel bad for her now that news of her husband's homosexual affair is out. It's shock enough to find out your significant other is running around, screwing someone behind your back but to find out the other person is a dude? That's really gotta sting.

To make matters even worse, the guy's a washed up goth shock rocker. He's Jesse James. He of the cool, outlaw name. I figured, that kind of name, a tv show, an a-list oscar winning wife, he should be able to get all kinds of tail, male or female. Instead, he opts for Marilyn Manson?

I really can't say more than that. I used to dig some of Manson's work and I always understood that he did what he did, dressed the way he dressed, as a means of self promotion but, seriously, messing around with Sandra Bullock's husband? That's a new low. I don't even think he has a new cd that needs to be promoted. The guy's just scum.

Hopefully, I'm not the only one who finds Jesse James and Marilyn Manson's tryst to be degrading and repulsive.

Sandy, if you're reading this, my sympathies go out to you. I can't even begin to imagine what's touched Manson's dick which, now, by proxy, has touched Jesse's. While I can't imagine you'd take him back but, if you do, I strongly recommend a complete battery of tests on the guy.


Billie Shea said...

Silly you. It wasn't Marilyn Manson, but the tattoed chick Michelle whats-her-ass. After getting a good look at her, I decree that Jesse dipping his pen in her ink might even be worse than Manson, although it's too difficult to make that call seriously. They're both just plain nasty.

Floogin McNoogin said...

That's Manson. Same drawn on eyebrows. same ridiculous hair.

Trenton said...

Well, if Sandra ever needs a place to stay, I know of at least one place she can go!! LOL

Okay, seriously now, I'm sure she's in the planning stages right now of how best to ruin him publicly, as if that were still an issue...

Trent :-)