Tuesday, November 04, 2008


The title says it all. This little phrase is used in every article to warn the reader that, in the article, you will be told of a major plot point in a book, movie or television show, thus ruining the story for you if you have not yet seen it. These plot points are usually the focal point of the entire movie, book or tv episode and, thankfully, the authors or these articles and reviews are kind enough to not screw over the reader, ruining the experience. When movies like The Crying Game came out, you couldn't read the reviews and articles if you hadn't seen the movie. This makes sense. If you've seen the movie you know what the final twist revealed at the end of the film. If you knew it going in, there'd be no point paying for the experience of watching the movie. The folks who put this kind of entertainment out should be in debt to the reviewers and writers who put up those spoiler alerts, right?

Then why the fuck to the same folks who put this entertainment out there allow the synopsis of their movies and tv shows to give away the spoilers in the descriptions of their product? Last night I watched a show and the synopsis in the paper, as well as the on air description (when you hit info), read "one of the gang gives the ultimate sacrifice..." So, we go in knowing someone will die. Then, in that final scene, when the tension is high and one of the characters does what he does to help the others, you know he's going to die. Hell, you knew one of the 4 characters in the scene was going to be offed and you knew it wasn't the two main stars and you figured it wasn't the one character who could be described as the lead's friend or confident so it had to be the guy who wound up allowing himself to be killed. I knew this as I watched it. I knew it from the minute I saw what they were going to try and accomplish. The show is a good show, a bit silly and outlandish but entertaining and the tense action is what makes it so much fun to watch. So, why on earth did I have to read in the morning paper that one of the characters was going to die?

I know, you're going to tell me not to read the synopsis posted in the paper or on cable's description. Well, here's the thing, I read the paper by accident. I thought the show was not on again until next week and I was scanning the pages to see what was on when I saw the name of the show and that synopsis. Had I not seen it in the paper, I would have definitely seen it when I watched it. Why? Because I record everything these days. I haven't watched a live show (other than sporting events) in years. I record everything I want to watch in case the kids keep me from watching it or I have other plans. I often have several episodes of unwatched shows on the box. Hell, I'm 4 shows behind on many of my favorites. So, anyway, I pull up the list of recorded shows and scan down to makes sure I am going to watch them in order. How do I do this? I check the date and the...SYNOPSIS!.

Even though I will probably not bother with it, pick a candidate and go vote - if I read in the papers that Floogin McNoogin got votes I will definitely be honored and I promise to fullfill all those promises I didn't make.

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