Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sick McNoogin, Disney on High Alert

Well, we're 4 days from our trip to Disney and little Snoogin (not his real name) is sick as a dog. This is par for the course with the McNoogins. Whenever the elder McNoogins take a trip, one of the kids gets sick, putting the parental trip at risk. We've cancelled trips, postponed trips and we've gone away anyway, suffering the bad parent thoughts the whole time we were gone. When we've gone away as a family, the same thing occurs. Lately, it's been the boy who get sick. He was ill when we went to Montauk this summer and, sure as shit, he's fucking sick again. He's got a horrible cough, a fever, he's been puking up snot and he seems somewhat miserable. Who wouldn't be?

I spent the bulk of last night in his room with him. He woke up at two thanks to a wet bed, puked in the bed and then dozed off on the floor while my wife cleaned up the bed. Then my daughter came into our bed and I decided to take late night duty with the boy so I stayed with him thru more snot vomiting and more crying and coughing. He was, actually, in good spirits, given the circumstances. He was making jokes most of the time. Not bad, really. However, at 3 am, who the fuck has a sense of humor? I made him a nice glass of medicine laced juice and he would take a drink and ask me to put the juice on the table so I'd get up, put the juice down for him and get into the other bed. As soon as I would start to drift off to sleep I'd hear "daddy, can I have my juicy?"
And I'd get up, hand him the drink, lie back down, doze off and...."daddy, can you put this down for me?"

On and on it went. Until around 4 in the morning. Now, after an hour of this, I am fully awake. So, the boy finally crashes and sleeps like a log and I am wide awake. I figure I'll read a book or something but I can't go into my room to get it or I risk waking the girls.

So I lied there, staring into the blackness, wondering how the hell I will get thru the day with no sleep. I have appointments all over the place today and I will be a fucking wreck. So be it.

I'm off to take Snoogin to the doctor. He hates doctors. It's going to be an ugly scene for sure. On the bright side, my wife, in a moment of clarity, paid the $200 for full insurance on the trip. So, cancelling it means no Disney (boo hoo) and a full refund. Can't go wrong there I guess.

I'll update as I have news. I know nobody reads this and, therefore, nobody cares about updates but, hey, it helps to get shit out sometimes and it beats posting your problems in an arena where people will feel the need to respond, regardless of whether or not they actually give a damn.


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