Monday, November 17, 2008

Enough Already

Ok, I know it was a huge deal for the black community, the country and the world. The first democratically elected black man ever, anywhere. It's huge. I understand that. I'm proud of my country, I'm happy for the Obamas, for the country, the black community and the world. I'm sure the better man was elected. There's no doubt there but, seriously, do I still have to see all the vendors selling tee shirts and does every african american in the city have to wear the pins? I understand how much this means to the community but, still, is this going to be a four or even eight year thing? If he winds up fucking up the country even more, will the pins go away? I'm not saying I'm rooting for this, I'm just asking.

The way I see it, the president is nothing more than a figurehead. He wins a popularity contest and then he hires people to do all the important jobs, make all the important decisions and, if need be, take the fall if the decisions the president "makes," fail. I never expected Obama to lose. The way I saw it, he'd garner a shitload of black votes and he'd also garner a shitload of white votes. If he was the exact same guy, only he was white, would he have won the nomination, let alone win the race? I'm not sure. I'm glad he did though. The idea of Clinton scared me and the other options were, well, not good. So, the better man is moving into the white house and I'm thrilled.

I think the majority of the US and the majority of the planet, are excited about this. The only two groups that seem to be upset about Obama's win are the die hard republicans who actually bought into the bullshit their own party spun out about Obama and the comedians who seem to think there's nothing funny about Obama. This isn't really true. Hell, Fred Armisan (sp?) did a knock-out impersonation of his mannerisms and speech inflection on Saturday Night Live. It was brilliant and, if not for Tina Fey's even better Palin impersonation, Fred would've been getting all the press. Obama is funny. The problem is he's black. Comedians, well, the white ones, are going to be afraid of making any jokes for fear of being called a racist.

If you've ever seen any movies or tv shows geared towards african americans, you know that using the same scenarios in those movies, only transplanted to the white house, would be fucking hysterical. Think of a big momma type character in the white house. Think of Shaft or, even better, think of I'm Gonna Git You Sucka! Does the president need his own theme music? Absolutely. Is it funny to ask? If you've seen the blaxploitation movies like Shaft, Dolomite, Super Fly etc, you'd think so.

If SNL's The Ladies Man was funny enough to have its own movie, why wouldn't a presidential ladies man using the white house as a means of getting laid be funny?

I can understand the palinites not being happy about Obama and I can understand their bitching about it but the comedians? Grow some stones and test the waters. Even 9/11 eventually found its way into humor. The expression "went down like the tower 2, the wtc etc" has been in use for quite some time now. Funny? Not necessarily but at least the speaker is moving forward and realizing that, if you can't stay serious forever.

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