Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Scored Tickets

I was going to expound on the costs of the previously mentioned imaginary girlfriend dolls but, to be honest, I didn't bother looking into it. Perhaps it's my inability to hide them or to find the time to use them or my lack of sex drive these days, who knows. Ok, that last part was bullshit. Of course I'm still coursing with the hormones. I'm a guy. It's what we do. Last night I was going to do some research and see what I could, um, come up with but the Mets were on and I do loves me a dose of the ups and downs. This season, my beloved Mets have provided just that. Lots of ups and downs. The fact that they are still in the race is amazing. The fact that they didn't blow the rest of the division away is also amazing. So, instead, with a week and a half of games left, the Mets play first place second place swap with the phillies. Today we're in first, tomorrow we're in second but the day after that, we're taking first again. It makes for good drama but it can be taxing to the team and, in the event they make the playoffs, just making them might sap the adrenaline needed to push into the next round.

On the flip side, the distance between the wild card holder and the next in line is growing as the Brewers can't seem to win, even with Sabathia pitching. So, the wild card spot is becoming comfy for both the Phillies and the Mets. Unfortunately, only the Phillies seem to be relaxed and playing with a purpose. The Mets, on the other hand, show signs of dominance and refusal to die one game and then they go out there and flail at the ball and give away a game. It's frustrating.

More so since I picked up tickets to the first home game of the first round of the playoffs. I could have snagged tickets to the first two games but I figured it would be more fun to grab 4 tickets to game one and surround myself with family, sheltering myself from the fat, drunken pigs that seem to attend baseball games these days.

I haven't been to a game all year and this is the last year that Shea Stadium will be there so it will be nice to get one last game in and it will be fucking insane if the Mets can finish out Shea with a World Series appearance or...gasp.... a World Series win.

I'm a realist, I'll be happy with an appearance in the playoffs so I can say goodbye to that crappy stadium. The new one looks amazing and, hopefully, the increase in ticket prices will result in a somewhat "nicer" crowd.

The last game I went to was opening day last season and the crowd was so horrible that I gave my tickets to the Yankees Mets game away instead of taking my daughter and my nephew. I was afraid of what the kids would hear during the course of the game. In that opening day game I heard a dozen different uses for the word cocksucker. Seriously. A dozen. It was rather impressive but it was also frightening and the man to my right, who was nursing a beer thru the whole game while trying to watch the game and keep his son from hearing the foul words of everyone else around us, seemed appalled to be there. And these were the good seats. We were in the orange, right off the field.

Now, I have come to expect that kind of language and drunken behavior when I sit farther from the field but down low, in the good seats? They need to implement a rule about the class of people that are allowed in these seats. I know, you're thinking I'm elitist. Well, you're right. I pay for my seats. These drunken louts usuall pay for the crappiest seats and then sneak down or two dollar tip their way down. I just dropped close to $400 for 4 seats and I am going to be surrounded by fat drunken losers who paid half of that and snuck in and got drunk and might possibly puke on me if we don't get into a fight first. I won't be able to control the look of disgust on my face when these clowns start in on the players and that will, invariably, lead to a slurred "whathefuckeryoulookinat?"

and then the fun begins.

But I'll be at the game, even if for but a moment.

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