Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Figured It Out

The Mets are on. They are 1 1/2 games behind the phillies and a game up on the brewers. They basically control their own destiny. They need to win. So, they fall behind by a run and they come up with an hell of an inning against one of the better pitchers in the national league. ok, actually, they Zombrano is ok at best and the ump was calling some iffy balls. Anyway, he walks 2 straight to load the bases. Walks in a run. Then he has to contend with Reyes on third and Delgado up. So they pull the ridiculous shift and Reyes basically walks to home plate. Zombrano is clearly not enjoying it. He gives up a grand slam. Mets 5, Cubs 1.

The team is going nuts. The stadium is going nuts.

The bullpen? They must be watching three's company reruns. The inning ends and Perez escapes another hairy inning. Then, in the 5th, after the Phillies tied their game and the Brewers gave up a run, Perez gets himself in trouble. Manuel makes the call to the bullpen. Duaner Sanchez is summoned. Might as well summon a drunk fan. Someone forgot to tell Sanchez that the brewers were losing and this would be a hell of a good time to shut down the cubs. Then, as Sanchez is warming up to give away runs, the braves score a shitload of runs. It's 9-3 in Philly. The braves are blowing em away. Sanchez does what any good three's company fan would do, he gives up a two run single to tie up the game.

Seriously now, why do they keep bringing this guy in? He's throwing fucking newcombe balls out there. I could get a hit off this guy.

So now it's tied, the brewers are losing, the phillies are losing and the mets are probably deflated. they have 4 more innings to rely on their bullpen. if they don't score 10 runs, they will blow the fucking game.

A win tonight would put them in a tie with the phillies in the loss column. a fucking tie. they would win the tie breaker. they'd take the division.


they could fucking blow it

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