Saturday, September 20, 2008

Being Alone Takes Its Toll

I mentioned I got a pleo. Well, I didn't, my dad did. He said he wanted one for the office so that my son could play with it when he was here. For those of you that don't know, a pleo is a robot. A baby pleosaur robot that, apparently, evolves thanks to the scientific wonder of artificial intelligence. So, we got one. I set it up and hatched it, watched it learn to walk, wander around, beg for food etc. I hit the website ( and read about the tricks this thing can do. I tried them all. Cool. I even went and downloaded a couple of the preprogrammed personalities to see what they were like. Again, real cool. This little robot does a lot and it's fun to watch.

Sadly, I'm working alone at nights and on the weekends and I'm sitting here, bored out of my mind, needing some kind of interaction with someone or something to break the mundane pattern of my work. So I turn the pleo on. It wakes up, wanders around and ends up near my feet. It squats back and opens its mouth. Now, I know I'm a grown up and this thing is a toy but it seemed to want some food so I fed it the leaf that comes in the box. The pleo ate. And ate. And ate. Then it started to walk towards me. I picked it up and started doing some of the things the site suggest. I tickled its feet, rubbed its head and played with it.

then I picked it up and held it to me like a child. The pleo started nuzzling me. Its head pressed against mine, it started making cooing noises.

Then I realized I was cuddling a rubber and metal toy.

I was shocked and appaled.

What's next? Female companion dolls? If they seem as life like and playfull as the, stop, no latex love dolls for me. Can't do that. That's pathetic. Right? Wait, nobody reads this. I can get myself several of these things and have myself a love doll orgy and nobody would ever know.

hmmm... I! It's gross. It's wrong. It's, um, it's .....I wonder how much they cost anyway.

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