Monday, November 08, 2010

So Ya Thought Ya Might Like To Go To A Show

Roger Waters has been touring the country, playing The Wall, in its entirety.  I contacted a friend with connections and asked if I could get tickets for myself, my wife and, if possible, two more for friends. The show was on November 6th and I had been on the list for over a month.

This past Tuesday he told me I was on a very long wait list and, odds were, I wasn't going.  Friday after noon, my wife made plans for the 6th (Saturday) with another couple. 

At midnight, the email comes thru - two tickets for tomorrow.  House seats. 

At first, I was thrilled.  My wife and I were going to see an incredible show.  I've heard that it's life altering, incredible, insane etc.  I contacted my friend and told him we were so excited.  His response:

"It's you and me bud, I'm in."

Fuck Me.

I immediately tell my wife that there's only one ticket for me, the other is for my friend.  She mumbles something about how she needs to cancel plans and, before she can take it any further, I respond to my friend with a quick text that reads "hang on, issues."

I ask my wife if it's an issue if I go.

No, she tells me.  You've been dying to go.  Then she tells me she will be disappointed because she looks forward to our Saturday dinners all week and, she adds, you went out Monday and Tuesday this week and, she goes on, she hasn't gone out in a week.

I tell her I understand completely and I then add "I won't go."

Her voice cracks when she says "no, you have to go, you wanted this so badly and I don't want you missing the show for me."

I tell her I'm not.  I tell her that I look forward to our dinners too and I tell her that I'd rather miss the show and  enjoy a nice night out with friends than spend the two hours at the show thinking I should have gone out to dinner with my wife and friends.

She tells me she'll go out alone with them.

Stupid me, I offer to pay for the dinner.

She says, in a voice dripping with disappointment, "whatever, you don't have to, just don't say no to the ticket."

I tell her I'm going out for a smoke. 

While I'm out, I text my friend, tell him I'm out, respond to his text that read "you're weak" with a text explaining that, either way, I now lose and, at least, by not going, I lose and don't further upset the wife.

So, Saturday rolls around and we go out and it's fun, I like the couple we're with and my wife mentions that I had a ticket to the show and the couple both look at me like I'm the dumbest human being on the planet and then I get the buzz on my phone.  It's from another friend, one who wanted to scalp tickets for the show so he could see it a second time.

He's sending me pics from the show.  He was going to send them a few days earlier and he forgot and he decides that now, while I'm discussing not going to said show, would be the ideal time to send over the pics.

I don't even bother to look at the pictures.

Too fucking sad.

Roger Waters.  The Wall.  Center seats, about 15 rows back (apparently, ideal for viewing the entire spectacle).

Instead, I went out with friends.  To a shitty restaurant and at crappy food.

But I earned points.  Points that shall go unrewarded.

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Trenton said...

He'll be over here at the Tacoma Dome on the 11th of next month. Why not just buy some tix and come watch it? Sure it'll be a long assed flight, but as everyone else has said, it's a badass show!

Just tossing out an option for ya.

Trent :-)