Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Floogin's Father

I work with my dad.  Well, I work.  He comes in and hangs out.  Yesterday, he called me into his office because he wanted me to see Ice Road Truckers.  The truckers were in the Himalayas I think.  Crazy ass shit.  Great show.  Anyway, the old man loves having my secretary help him with his computer problems, which he seems to have quite a bit of for a guy who uses a computer to access his AOL email and check his stocks.

Today I found out what the issue really is.

I walked over to the front desk to find out where my secretary was and my bookkeeper tells me she's in with the old man.  So, I turn around and trudge back towards his office.  When I get there, I am greeted by my 6' tall secretary, bending over the computer, ass rocking back and forth as she does whatever the fuck it is she's doing.

My dad? 

The old man is staring at her ass.  His face is about a foot, maybe less, from her butt and his head is gently rocking back and forth, in time with the soothing motions of her incredible ass.

I watched the old man watching her for a few minutes and then, when she left, I went in to see him.

I asked him what he does to the computer to get her to come in. 

He asks what I'm talking about.

I tell him I saw him being hypnotized by her ass.

He looks at me and asks if I wouldn't do the same.

I tell him that I wouldn't sabotage my computer just to see her ass but, yes, if she were rocking it that close to my melon, I'd be a fool not to stare and, possible, touch.

I now know why he comes in as often as he does.  He could easily sit at home and do the same amount of nothing but he makes a concerted effort to be here at least 3 days a week. 

To watch her ass.

Thankfully, she stopped wearing the short skirts several years ago.  If she were still dressing as sexy as she used to, he'd have died long ago.

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