Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Tricky to Walk This Way in Run's House wearing My Adidas

A friend of mine recently took over the position of President for one of the myriad of cable networks available on most sets.  He's been involved with number of relatively well received reality shows, geared towards women, over the years and this new position is a reward for all his hard work with the other networks owned by the company he works for.  His first new show on this network is launching in a few weeks and last night they had the launch party to celebrate said launch.

I was there to soak it all in.

The party was to honor Russell Simmons and his assistants.  Apparently, the show centers around the lives of the 5 women who control Russell Simmons' life.  The show sounds like something I won't watch but the party is always something I want to attend.  So, there I was, shortly after 7, checking out the red carpet, watching the various celebs being photographed before entering the party.  Normally, I'd be inside but, as is often the case, I was waiting for my wife.  And I waited.  I waited while folks came and went, fans and photographers shouting their names.  I saw Russell Simmons.  I saw the women who are, apparently, the focus of the show.  I saw a bunch of other people that were, clearly, famous but whom I had no clue about.  While standing around I a dude started talking to me.  Turns out it was someone named Nick Cannon.  An incredibly hot woman came over to ask me if I knew him.  I said no, he just asked me a question and we got to talking.  I was too embarrassed to ask who Nick is. 

I hung around the front of the party for a good hour, half waiting on the wife, half waiting on my friend, the Pres, to arrive so I could say hello.  He didn't show and, eventually, the wife did so in we went.  Straight to the bar for drinks and then a lap around the joint to see what was up.

There was a dj.  Someone who was well known amongst the younger, cooler crowd.  On the mic, mcing the event, was a face I knew.  An pudgy bald black man, sweat pouring down his face, shouting into the mic about old school, shouting out props to big brother Russell. 

Should I mention that the pudgy bald black man was also wearing the black jacket, white collar of a reverend?  Should I mention that big brother Russell is not really his big brother and that Joseph Simmons also goes by the name Reverend Run and, at one time Reverend Run was known as DJ Run and, with his partner in rap, Darrel DMC McDaniels, they turned Rap into a mainstream force to be reckoned with? 


So, Reverend Run was working the mic, going old school, the dj spinning discs from when I was a kid.  It was outstanding.

Then it happened.  Reverend Run whispered something in the ear of the dj and you hear the opening notes of King of Rock.  Then My Adidas, Run's House, It's Tricky, Walk This Way and about ten other Run DMC songs.  Missing, of course, were DMC and the late Jam Master Jay but damn, Reverend Run owned the fucking place.  He was shouting out to people throughout the songs.  Pointing out the celebs, none of whom I knew, other than Tracy Morgan who was dancing with Russell right in front of us.

We found our host, the network dude who invited us and spent the better part of the night with him, and his partner.  His partner is a hair stylist to the stars and he, and my wife, tried to convince me to get highlights in my hair.  I told them they'd have to render me unconscious to get me to submit to that kind of treatment and, when I said I was cutting the locks, they both scolded me for being stupid.  The hair's too long.  It's curling up in the back like "That Girl" and, when it gets this long, it becomes visibly obvious that my hair is thinning out on top. 

Network guy was so grateful that we came.  He invited a few other friends but nobody could make it.  He knew we'd be there because he knows we love a party and he knows we try our best to support our friends whenever possible.

As a reward for our loyalty, he filled us in on his next show.  Some Paris Hilton reality show and, yes, I'll be attending the launch party.  Already invited.  That one should be a riot.

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mush mush said...

Awesome! I wouldn't watch the show myself but the party yes would be a must. I love Run DMC, that had to be a blast for sure. Sounds like the next shows party will be just as entertaining if not more if she is to