Wednesday, September 15, 2010

As The Thumb Turns

I had the stitches from the second surgery removed today and it was a total relief.  So much so that I actually watched as the blue thread was pulled from my skin, ignoring the icky visual and the stinging pain, all the while thinking "now I can enjoy the use of my left hand again."

Well, shocker, the thumb is stiff as fuck, swollen as hell and not very useable.

So, now I start the shitty task of physical therapy so I can bend my thumb completely, use it to grip things (look out porn) among other uses.  Also, the PT will be working the scars from  the two surgeries out so the scar tissue doesn't adhere to the bone, giving me nightmares of nasty pain and surgeries for years to come.

An interesting, and typical for me, situation arouse about two days ago.  My right hand and thumb has started to hurt.  The pain seems to be in a similar spot on the right side and I asked the doc about it.  He said that, as a result of overcompensating with my right hand, I might have created a bit of soreness and then he started poking, prodding, pulling, squeezing and manipulating me.  I came and then he said he'd look at the thumb.

Ok, he did all that to my right hand and thumb.  Then he dropped an ugly fucking bombshell on me.

I've got a bit of arthritis in the thumb at the base, by the hand.

I'm fucking old and he's confirming it.

And now I want to die.

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