Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What the hell?

Since my brother in law moved out, we replaced him with another accounting firm and a small company that does all things tech. The accounting firm is a nice little firm, run by a guy a few years older than I am and he handles slightly different types of accounts so we can feed each other business as it comes in. A great mix. The tech company is run by a husband and wife who are a few years younger than me. Very nice folks. The guy is a wanderer, he cannot sit still for very long and he wanders in and out of his office, looking for someone to talk to or something to occupy his time. The wife is, clearly, the brains of the operation.

She's also kinda cute.

Their office is located across the "hall" from mine and since nobody ever shuts their doors around here, I can see into their office at all times. I can't see him but she is almost always in my vision. Enough so that I've been privy to the whale tail thong display a couple of times. Not that I look but when you have something directly in your line of sight, it's hard to miss.

Today, she's wearing a dress. Nothing fancy, nothing too sexy but a dress. Looks good on her. The look she was cultivating until now was one of New Hampshire lez so the dress, with a hint of leg showing, is a welcome respite.

Anyway, I'm on the phone, talking to a very good friend (booking the Vegas trip) and she turns around in her chair so that she's facing me. She appears to be doing something but I cannot tell and I am not going to outright stare at her. That's when she spread the knees a bit.

She flashed a bit of the goods.

Not enough to induce wood but enough for me to notice.

And Floogin liked it.


Trenton said...

I need pictures, or it never happened!!! LOL

Trent :-)

Anonymous said...

So.. if not enough to achieve 'wood'... what then? A Splinter? And I'm with Trent on this one.. Pictures would be good.. Do I need to loan you equipment from the Washington trip?