Monday, August 03, 2009

Living the good life.

So, my wife and I have become somewhat friendly with our son's friend's parents. So much so that, a few weeks back, the two dads went fishing - without the boys.

Well, this kid's mother invited us to hang out with them this weekend. So, we headed out east to see my parents Friday night, spend the morning in the pool and then, after lunch, we were set to move into Sag Harbor for the day. This is where they would pick us up for a day on the boat.

The boat is her brother's 70 foot Viking Cruiser.

A fucking yacht. Not one of those massive, holy shit there's a swimming pool on the boat type yachts but a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, has a fucking washer and dryer yacht.

So we got picked up and headed out for a day of pleasure cruising. We anchored off of Montauk, enjoyed the sun, drank and ate and then the back of the boat opened up and a smaller boat was removed from the big boat. It was like the big boat took a dump and shit a smaller boat. Attached to the smaller boat was a big fucking tube with handles. That's right, time to drag the kids (and grown-ups) around the bay.

I took my daughter out on the tube and we were flying. I decided to give us some fun and moved us back and forth across the wake, giving us air time, scaring the shit out of my daughter.

I took my son and things didn't go quite as well. We kept getting dunked. He was freaking out - rightfully so as he was basically being water boarded. The second time I took my daughter out, things didn't go quite as well. I did the wake jump and she got scared. Thought I was going to fall off.

The wife went with the other mother - truly comical. The captain tried to dump them, to no avail.

I've been on all kinds of boats, but this was a first and it was a fucking treat. The captain was a prick, docked in Montauk, claiming there was a risk of fog. Being somewhat experienced on the water, I knew he was full of shit as, even if it was foggy, we were merely moving along the channel, the guy has auto pilot to guide him and the tide was up so the risk of running aground was minimal but I said nothing. When the boss's sister found out we were being left in Montauk, she was livid. He told her he was low on fuel, which was bullshit since he had just fueled up in Sag Harbor.

Since it was a total treat, I told them we'd take a cab back to the car, nothing to worry about. They wound up giving us their car and they would then get dropped off in Sag Harbor the following day, shaving an hour and a half off their drive back to the city.

I can say that, without a doubt, if I had the means, I'd buy me a nice sized boat, hire a captain and one all purposed crew (nice brazillian girl who handled the kids, cleaned up the boat etc) member and I'd spend most of my time tooling around the islands in the winter and the north east in the summer.

Of course, to do this, I'll need about 2.5 to 3 million for a boat like the one I was on and I'd need several thousand a week to maintain the boat and the crew but, if I have 3 million in disposable funds, I'm guessing the inflow of new monies will be good enough to sustain this lifestyle.

Sadly, I doubt I'll ever get there but I'll keep dreaming.

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Trenton said...

If ya ever win the lottery, don't forget that you need a live-in maintenance man for the boat, LOL!!

(Formally puts in vote)