Monday, April 09, 2012

Just when you think things can't get any worse.....

They do.  It's bad enough that I'm working around the clock, subsisting on RedBull total zero, jim beach sun flower seeds and the ocaisional gnat or fly that gets ensared in the cobwebs aroung my person.  It's bad enough that my horoscope today actually made reference to me being a rat on a wheel.  It's bad enough that I'm actually suffering from stress for the first time, so much so that I think I might be developing an ulcer.  (could be the red bull and beam seeds too, I guess).

It's bad enough, right?


I rent out two rooms in my office to a two man accounting firm.  Real nice guys.  Indians.  The overseas indian kind.  Real nice guys.  And, apparently, real fucking sick.  One of them has been hacking and coughing for a couple of weeks and, yesterday, he left midday because, he said, his fever was over 102 and he was having trouble thinking straight.


Fucking guy's been spewing his nasty germs all over the place for weeks.  I mention pneumonia, which took my dad down last year during the season of hell, and he said he was checked for it a week ago and he doesn't have it. 


Just stay away from me and we're golden.

Today, he's back, feeling better, he says, and ready to get back to his work.

His partner is now coughing like he does.

So is my secretary.

And tonight, fucking hell, my throat's closing up, my body is boiling and I feel like I've been kept in  a dark box for a year.  Everything hurts.

It's strep.  I know it.  I've been there before.  This is how it starts.

And when I get it, it's fast as hell and awful.  Much like me in the sack, on a good day.

I call my doc.  He won't give me an antibiotic without coming in first.

Great.  Not happening.  I can't leave until the work is done.

I call my uncle.  Great guy, a shrink but, still, a doctor.

He says that, normally, he'd want to see me but, given the time frame and the circumstances, he'll call in a script for the medicine, and dosage, I normally take when I get strep.

How the fuck should I know?

So now I'm screwed.  It's late, no docs around to call and, by tomorrow, this fever will be at boiling level.

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